How to configure Skype and voice recognition in Homeseer

Homeseer is a great application for automation around the house. It has the ability to understand voice and trigger commands and actions in response. For this to work we need to capture the voice and feed it into your homeseer pc. One way is to use specialist and often expensive microphone/mixer systems, or if your Read more about How to configure Skype and voice recognition in Homeseer[…]

Home Automation Project – Update

Its an ongoing project, will it end? Probably not 😛 Anyhow I thought it was time for an update. The current version has been re-written in VB .Net. New features include triggering events at sunrise/sunset, current weather reports, Text to Speech and Intelligent Speech Recognition so people can interact with the system using only voice Read more about Home Automation Project – Update[…]

Home Automation Project – The Beginning

I’ve always been fascinated with using the computer to control real world devices. So I embarked upon this little project to teach myself more about this topic. I started out some time ago and wrote a application in VB6 to automate my irrigation system. Simple enough task, I went and purchased some inline solenoids to Read more about Home Automation Project – The Beginning[…]