Past Projects

Studio Messenger Client & Server

Studio Messenger allows the station manager to relay important messages directly to the on air announcers.

Temperature Client & Server

The temperature server reads values sent via the serial port from a temperature monitor. Temperatures are made available to PC’s on the local network via a client application. NOTE: Some of the values displayed were not correct as the temp sensors were faulty.

Radio Automation Control Server

Stereo974 had a requirement to update a 10 year old pc which was running legacy hardware and custom written software, the software was not compatible with current operating systems. Right Click I.T were asked to “recreate” the application to work on current day PC’s. Original source code was not available so we had to reverse engineer and recreate an application that mimicked the old one.

Jumpstart Family Day Care

Jumpstart Family Day Care center

Freedom Psychology

A professional Psychological Service for Adults, Adolescents & Children.

Michele Norman Counselling Services

Michele Norman Counselling Services

Silverwater Technology

Silverhalo Technology is a multi component apparatus, dedicated to and utilising natures gifts with a touch of science. The Technology evolves around using elements that can be utilised by multi celled animals for well being and assisting the body in maintaining homeostasis, yet it has the ability to be detrimental to single celled organisms such as bacteria and viruses that can cause disease and illness. R&D program headed by Mr. William Briggs was conducted over for years with extensive and stringent testing on numerous environmental pathogens bacteria, virus, amoebic cysts, fungi, algae and mold.

Hazleco Pty Ltd

Hazleco specialise in dangerous goods storage and distribution, predominately class 8 corrosives. The newly established company required an online presense.


Bikeworks in Sunburys newest cycling store, which is owned and operated by cycling enthusiasts! The client was looking for a presence on the web, and the ability to maintain updates/content themselves. We have created a dynamic site, and a web based backend to allow the client up upload images and add or edit specific content.

Vival Chemicals Pty Ltd

Vival Chemicals required a new fresher presence online.

Scheduled Events for Automation

This application was written to allow the computer to control a bank of external relays. These relays were using for switching various devices in the control room at Western Radio Broadcasters. We built a relay board which is plugged into a dedicated pc which runs this application.

Rod Boyd, Training & Media Services

Rod Boyd was looking for a new website, it needed to be simple but still effective.

Serving Time Inc.

As a volunteer mentor in the Serving Time program, we required a website to help tell our story and sell our products. was born.

Serving Time is a ground breaking program created and managed by inmates of the Penhyn Youth Unit at Victoria’s Port Phillip Prison. As part of a small business education program, our aim is to develop our personal skills, to not only to reduce the risk of re-offending, but also assist us in becoming positive and productive members of the community. Our t-shirt is part of that process. It’s been designed, manufactured and marketed by the inmates with enthusiasm and pride. All profits coming from the sale of this garment will be donated to charity.

Western Radio Broadcasters

Western Radio Broadcasters required a new website with a fresh look and feel. It needed to be easy to navigate, dynamic, and not be too busy with content. They also required an Online Radio Stream so people could listen from anywhere in the world.
To make the site easy to update we developed a mini CMS type system. All content is stored in a database, and an administration section was created to allow content to be easily maintained. Content can easily be added by using an embedded Rich Text Editor, or for the more advanced html code be directly inserted.

Invoice System for Auto Repair Shop

Written to allow the client to move away from a paper based system to computerised solution. Their main requirement was it had to be simple and easy to use. Three main areas of the application are Customer/Vehicle Details, Invoices, and Product details.

Membership Database

The purpose of the Membership Database was automate otherwise manual tasks. Users would sign up on a website using a web based form, the output of that form was sent to an email address. This application retrieved those emails and stored the user information in a database. The membership system had an approval process, so automated emails were sent to/from the application based upon user defined templates/criteria.

Car Audio Enclosure Calculator

The Enclosure Calculator was written to aid in the design of Speaker Boxes. I was part of a car audio community and some of the most common questions were how to calculate/design an enclosure that would suit my speaker type. The solution was to write a program that would enable the user to easily design and build an enclosure themselves! The program also includes DIY instructions for how to best measure, cut and assemble your enclosure.