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Specialising in Radio Streaming for the Community Radio Industry, Web/Email Hosting and Website Design.
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Customer Spotlight - KLFM

Hi to all member stations from Radio KLFM in Bendigo. We have certainly had an interesting couple of Months. Just before the Olympics, we were contacted by our news provider 3AW (Fairfax) that due to very strict copyright restrictions, we could not broadcast our news on our Internet Stream. As you could imagine, this posed a challenge, as we would have to have the audio feed switched every hour for 5 mins while the news was on our two FM feeds. ... Now with only half a day to the Olympics, we took our problem to our Streaming Provider (RightClick IT services). Thanks to Brad at Right ClickIT, who came up with some very clever scripting and smart programming that enabled the streaming feed to be cut at every hour for a duration of 5 mins...Many thanks to Brad at Right Click IT services for all his help and assistance.
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We pride ourselves on offering I.T solutions in a simple and easy to understand manner. We won't use the I.T lingo; we'll talk in your language.

Radio Streaming / Broadcast Streaming

We specialise in providing dedicated premium streaming services to
many Community Radio Stations in Melbourne and around Australia.
We can have you online and streaming with NO technical knowledge.
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Stream to ANY platform or device.
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Digital CCTV Solutions

Digital CCTV Solutions We are proud to now offer our clients the latest in digital CCTV technology. From design analysis, installation and support, we'll have you covered.
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Website Design & Hosting

Website Design We will work with you to create a website that meets your requirements AND fits within your budget! From a simple static site, to fully dynamic database driven site, we've got you covered. We can also tailor a hosting package to suit your needs.
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Custom Software Solutions

Custom Software Solutions Software solutions built to suit your requirements. Automation software, TCP/IP Client/Server Applications, Database front-ends, etc...
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Having problems with your computer or server?

We offer a range of services in your Home or Office:
  • Networking & Wireless networking
  • Wireless network security
  • Broadband Configuration
  • PC Hardware Support (Upgrades/New Builds/Part Replacement)
  • General Troubleshooting
  • Virus & Spyware removal
  • Data backups & Data recovery

Recent Posts

Configuring rcPlayer2 on your site

How to remove rcPlayer v1 from your site Locate and delete the following. Note ‘clientCode’ is your station name To add rcPlayer v2 In the <head> tag of your page add; For sites NOT served by HTTPS For sites which ARE served via HTTPS Where you want to call the popup player add;  

Arduino based Studio Control Simulator

A windows based application was written for client, it interfaces to external circuitry via the LPT / Parallel Port. Making changes to the application would require the software be connected to this circuitry, which is fine when on site, but difficult when not. I came up with an idea to use an arduino to simulate the signals on the LPT port which the windows application uses. After a bit of prototyping, trial and error, the final product was assembled.

Brad Boyd receives a commendation (VOLUNTEER LIFETIME SERVICE AWARD) @ Australian #NFPtechawards

I was delighted to have received a Commendation (Volunteer Lifetime Service Award) @ the 2016 Australian Not-For-Profit Technology Awards for 20 Years of Voluntary Service with Western Radio Broadcasters. Finalists; Volunteering Australia Technology Volunteer of the Year Brad Boyd (Western Radio Broadcasters Incorporated – Stereo 974) Trent Geddes (2GHR Incorporated) Daniel Billing (Indigenous Reading Project) The awards night was a great way to recognise the hard work volunteers put into many of these great organisations. Congratulations to all the Finalists and category winners, a big thanks to Connecting Up for hosting the evening and for the services you provide to the NFP sector! Stereo 974 : Letter from Jon Bisset, CEO Community Broadcasting Foundation #NFPtechawards

Compressing PDFs using Ghostscript under Linux

I had to email a PDF with several high-resolution images embedded. The original file size was 7.31 MB and this was unnecessary large for a single page PDF. I did not need the very high-resolution of the pictures, but only that the PDF would look good on-screen and in print on a normal inkjet printer. The magic of Ghostscript Googling the terms “compressing pdf” revealed several online options for uploading and compressing PDFs, but since I was sitting in front of a Linux computer and didn’t really trust any of these unknown providers I ended up using Ghostscript instead. The following command compressed my PDF from 7.31MB to 674KB in about a second: From the Ghostscript manual it can be

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Streaming Links for IP Camera

It’s often hard to find the rtsp/mjpeg links for IP cameras from China. I’ve found this site to be quite useful S3 HTTP: http://IP:80/axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi?fps=10 RTSP: rtsp://IP:554/cam1/h264 IPSCAM RTSP Main Feed: rtsp://IP:554/ch0_0.h264 RTSP Sub Feed: rtsp://IP:554/ch0_1.h264 HTTP: http://IP/cgi-bin/net_jpeg.cgi?ch=0 HTTP: http://IP/mobile.htm BlueIris Extract from the BlueIris Help File. /image/{cam-short-name}?q=50&s=80 A single JPEG image from a specific camera or group, with optional quality (q) and scale (s) parameters.  Quality is a percentage from 1-100, and scale may be any number >0. /image/{cam-short-name}?h=100 You may also specify a specific height (h) or width (w) instead of scale. /mjpg/{cam-short-name}/video.mjpg An M-JPEG stream.  This stream is compatible with Blue Iris’s “MJPEG stream request.” /file/clips/{filename}&mode=jpeg&speed=100 An M-JPEG stream of a clip from your New clips folder. 

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