It’s often hard to find the rtsp/mjpeg links for IP cameras from China. I’ve found this site to be quite useful

  • HTTP: http://IP:80/axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi?fps=10
  • RTSP: rtsp://IP:554/cam1/h264
  • RTSP Main Feed: rtsp://IP:554/ch0_0.h264
  • RTSP Sub Feed: rtsp://IP:554/ch0_1.h264
  • HTTP: http://IP/cgi-bin/net_jpeg.cgi?ch=0
  • HTTP: http://IP/mobile.htm


Extract from the BlueIris Help File.

/image/{cam-short-name}?q=50&s=80 A single JPEG image from a specific camera or group, with optional quality (q) and scale (s) parameters.  Quality is a percentage from 1-100, and scale may be any number >0.
/image/{cam-short-name}?h=100 You may also specify a specific height (h) or width (w) instead of scale.
/mjpg/{cam-short-name}/video.mjpg An M-JPEG stream.  This stream is compatible with Blue Iris’s “MJPEG stream request.”
/mjpg/{@camera_group_name}/video.mjpg An M-JPEG stream.  This stream will auto cycle cameras in the specified group
/file/clips/{filename}&mode=jpeg&speed=100 An M-JPEG stream of a clip from your New clips folder.  You may include additional subdirectory names in the filename.  The speed parameter is optional, a percentage of normal playback speed.
/thumbs/{filename} A thumbnail image from a specific file in the New clips folder.
/alerts/{filename} A JPEG image from the Alerts folder.
/admin?profile=x Temporarily change the active profile to x.  Use x=-1 to toggle the lock status.
/admin?camera=x&trigger Trigger camera x (short name)
/admin?signal=x Changes the traffic signal state and returns the current state.  x=0 for red, x=1 for green, x=2 for yellow.  This requires admin authentication.
/audio/{cam-short-name}/temp.wav Pull a raw audio stream (MIME type audio/x-wav).
/cam/{cam-short-name}?pos=x Performs a PTZ command on the specified camera, where x= 0=left, 1=right, 2=up, 3=down, 4=home, 5=zoom in, 6=zoom out
/cam/{cam-short-name}?pos=100 Causes a snapshot image to be captured from the specified camera.
/h264/{cam-short-name}/temp.h264 Pull a raw H.264 stream (MIME type video/H264).  This stream will play in a tool like VLC, and may be used in future versions of the ActiveX control.
/h264/{cam-short-name}/temp.ts Pull an MPEG-2 transport stream (MIME type video/MP2T).
/h264/{cam-short-name}/temp.m or .m3u8 Pull a virtual M3U8 file (MIME type application/  This will play in QuickTime, iPad and the iPhone using the iPhone Live Streaming format.


  • HTTP JPEG : http://IP/Streaming/channels/1/picture
  • RTSP Main Feed: rtsp://IP:554/h264
  • RTSP MAIN h264 rtsp://IP:554/h264/ch1/main/av_stream
  • RTSP MAIN MPEG4 rtsp://IP:554/MPEG-4/ch1/main/av_stream
  • RTSP SUB h264 rtsp://IP:554/h264/ch1/sub/av_stream
  • RTSP SUB MPEG4 rtsp://IP:554/mpeg4/ch1/sub/av_stream
  • RTSP MAIN h264 rtsp://IP:554//Streaming/Channels/1
  • RTSP SUB h264 rtsp://IP:554//Streaming/Channels/2

The application URL Helper can be useful for finding the the right URL to your stream.