The Barix Instreamer 100 is a standalone device that will stream your audio to our servers, there is no dedicated PC required.

Step 1

Head to the devices configuration page by entering its IP address in your web browser, eg

Step 2

In the Settings, select Streaming

Here you can enter the name of your device in the Own Name field. Scroll down to the Stream To section.

Set Conn. Type to Shoutcast, Enter the Domain Name of your streaming server, and Port number which we would have already provided to you.

Step 2

Still in Settings, select the Security tab, in the Ice/Shoutcast field, enter the password to you streaming server and click Apply.

Step 3

Still in Settings, select the Audio tab. Depending on your audio source this may need to be configured differently. As you can see I’m using a Line Stereo connection. Most other options can be left as their default. I recommend Encoding+Frequency to be set to MPEG2/22.05kHz, MPEG Encoding Quality set to 4.

Step 4

On the Barix main page you should see your audio levels, and the sending should appear red.

You can now tune into your stream via our streaming control panel to be sure all is working as expected.