We are often asked the question about streaming and how licensing works with your APRA agreement;

APRA|AMCOS offers the following license schemes for Webcasters.

  • Audio webcast channel (General) – net radio Applies to online radio webcast channels that are exclusive to the Internet. They are characterised by a continuous audio stream for simultaneous reception by users.

License fees are assessed at 5.5% (inclusive of GST) of the service’s revenue where music use is 90% plus. Lower rates apply where music use is, on average, less. All Audio Webcast Channel agreements are subject to minimum fees.

The APRA|AMCOS license also offers the facility to offer on-demand archiving of material previously streamed on any Audio Webcast channel for an additional amount.

Please note: jukeboxes, like streaming services and those where users can interact and effect the programming of content, are covered under a different agreement.

  • Other Audio webcast channel Licenses Limited General and Private Individual Audio Webcast licenses are also available upon request.
    • The Limited General License does not allow for any advertising and is only available for not-for-profit organisations.
    • The Private Individual License is only available to those sites where the URL is registered in the personal name of the licensee.Full reporting of all works played on each channel must be made to APRA|AMCOS on a quarterly basis.
  • Online Radio Simulcasts If you have an existing APRA broadcast license for a terrestrial radio service and wish to simulcast your service online, you will need an additional APRA|AMCOS Online Simulcast license.There are three types of Online Simulcast licenses available:
    • Commercial Radio
      As part of APRA|AMCOS’ renegotiated Commercial Radio Broadcast Agreement which commenced on 1 January 2010, commercial radio stations can now simulcast their terrestrial broadcasts online. Under the new agreement, other online rights – such as making available podcast programs of up to 60% music use – are also included. For a full explanation of what is covered online for Commercial Radio stations, please contact online@apra.com.au.
    • Community & Narrowcast Radio Stations
      Community Radio stations (Metro, Sub-Metro and Regional) and Narrowcast Radio services who wish to simulcast their existing terrestrial radio broadcast signal online, will need to take out a separate agreement to their existing APRA and AMCOS Broadcast agreements. Please contact our Online Department: online@apra.com.au for a copy of our online simulcast licence.
  • Online Music Concerts – Live Webcasting Covers the live webcasting of music concerts and festivals. License fees are based on a percentage of revenue: 8.25% (inclusive of GST). All live webcast licenses (with archiving and without archiving) are subject to a minimum fee – price available on application.

These licenses are currently under review.

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