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Multi Platform, ALL IN ONE Player

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We're excited to announce the release of our new Radio Player. Its cross-browser, multi platform, mobile device ready!

What does that mean for you?

Your listeners can listen to your station from anywhere, on any device they wish. We've made it simple so the player will automatically select the best method to deliver your stream to the listener.

The player is fully customisable so it can be matched to the theme of your site.

Want some extra features?

Why not we all like things for free. The new player has the ability to schedule pre-stream openers for a given day/time. This gives you the broadcaster the ability to sell time slots to your sponsors which are suited target audience.

Eg, Mondays 4pm-6pm, is your Drive time show. When a listener listens in online they can hear a sponsor advertisement before your live stream starts. Try the demo player link below to see this in action.

Social Network Integration

Allow your listeners to share your station within their social networks, and recommend it to their friends. Expand your listening audience!

Various Player skins to choose from

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